Try Dive in Phuket

Try Diving Phuket

List & Price

Price & List

Discover Scuba Diving PADI Phuket 2021/2022

Try Dive / 1 Dive Beach (40min)

Kata or Paradise Beach Shore Dive

2500 ฿

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Try Dive + Snorkling / 1 Dive Boat (20min)

Racha Yai Island with Beach Time

3290 ฿

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Try Dive / 2 Dives Boat

Racha Yai Island

4900 ฿

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Try Dive / 2 Dives Boat – 2 PAX*

Racha Yai Island

9000 ฿

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Try Dive / 2 Dives Boat – 3 PAX*

Racha Yai Island

13000 ฿

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Try Dive / 2 Dives Boat – 5 PAX*

Racha Yai Island

20000 ฿

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* PAX: number of participants

PADI Open Water Diver Course


From 13 900 ฿

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PADI Open Water + Advanced


23 500 ฿

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” I would thoroughly recommend Plongée Phuket, at least for a try dive, having never done a SCUBA Dive previously I had hesitations however Simon and Hannah talked us through the whole process and during booking a few days before we were sized up and kit prepared so we could perform our dive on the date planned without having the hassle of sizing on the day.”

~ Steven J


Try scuba diving and snorkeling around the shallow waters of the Phuket islands. This is a full-day boat trip which includes one morning try dive session followed by afternoon snorkeling. Perfect for friends and family looking for a fun day out that includes both scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you have always wanted to try scuba diving but are a little unsure then this is the best program for you. Just take a shallow try dive with our Instructor, who will be right by your side during your amazing underwater adventure.

During the boat journey to the Phuket islands, our instructor will brief you about your scuba equipment and you can practice breathing through your scuba regulator prior to your arrival at the dive site.

Upon arrival, our instructor will take you into a shallow water area to complete a few basic exercises. When you are comfortable with this he will take you on a guided tour of the coral reef lasting around 45 minutes and to a maximum depth of 6m / 10m 

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